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and neigh neigh motherfucker


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IM SO FUCKING INFURIATED RIGHT NOW, hey anon trash, if you see this dont be a fucking punk ass bitch and come talk to me you goddamn disgrace of a human being. You can suck a dick since you’re so hung up on sexuality. My bae is the best fucking miracle on this Earth and you are nothing but a bitchy piece of shit who’s jealous of what she has. I’m sorry that you have the decency and dignity level of a rat in the dirtiest rankest sewer to the point where you put your pussy ass on anon and say that shit to someone who has a better life and is a better person than you. I really hope that you can get your 9 year old little ass off your shoulders long enough to grow up and maybe if you’re lucky someone will actually love you <3

im sorry i wasn’t around soon enough to help but here’s a gift to make you smile <3

okAy goodnight

i’ll just get off and sleep for a few hours before dying at schooll

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I'm not 100% sure on what's going on but still, no one deserves anon hate, especially you
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i’m sure i do

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Girl, an ongoing series 
by Lora Mathis 

I love the brutal honesty of this series

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*strokes face*shh, those anons are meanies but it's okay cause I love you you beautiful stallion.
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that’s nice thanks for caring

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Hey, what's wrong Alfie?
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you know

i would love to answer that

but right now??

i have no idea what’s wrong


that’s what’s wrong

i exist that’s what’s wrong bye

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awww you're sad??? sucks man. hey, you know what you can think of instead? The fact that one day your girlfriend is going to leave you because she'll see you're a fucking slut and a stupid tranny boy girl thing that just wants to be fucked and it probably going to get raped and kill herself. Yeah. Her. You're a girl. Get over that you're not fucking attractive as one, and accept you're an ugly abomination and you should hang yourself.
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too bad you can't help people when you want.o yea didn't that one girl kill herself about a year ago just a few days ago? and it was your fault?
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Yeah, it was. 

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on occasion

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i shouldn’t post when i’m sad

look at that

hiiii anons